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Custody and Access

Custody & Access Services from Don Komori Law

Divorces and separations become more complicated and emotional when the couple has a child, or children. Don Komori is a family lawyer who will work with your best interests in mind, to properly and professionally handle situations related to custody, guardianship, and access.


Child Custody

When parents make a decision to dissolve their relationship, children are often caught in a middle area where loyalties can become divided and the future uncertain. In keeping with the best interests of you and your child, Don Komori Law can assist you in seeking a sole, joint or shared custody arrangement that is fair and just.

Child Access

One of the most difficult experiences a parent can face is losing access to their child following a separation or divorce. With Don Komori Law, the sacred bond you share with your child should be represented in your ability to share more of your life with your child. Don Komori can assist you in pursuing a legal agreement where your rights as a parent will not be overlooked.


To arrange a consultation with Don Komori regarding your custody or access case, please contact the law office of Don Komori Law today.

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