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Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders from Don Komori Law in Kamloops, BC

Since 1996, Don Komori Law has helped spouses file a restraining order in order to protect their safety and that of their children. In British Columbia, restraining orders are typically provided in cases where a family connection has been present, whether by marriage or by children.


If you or your child are in immediate danger of physical harm or abduction, call 911 for immediate assistance.


Filing a Restraining Order

Don Komori Law can provide legal assistance in protecting the privacy of you or your child through a restraining order. With Don Komori’s experience as family lawyer, he can help you define the terms of your restraining order, including:

  • No Contact Orders

  • No Call Orders

  • No Face-to-Face Contact Orders

  • No Contact with Children Orders


To arrange a consultation with Don Komori regarding a restraining order, please contact the law office of Don Komori Law today.

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