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Support Law from Don Komori Law in Kamloops, BC

Whether you are seeking advice related to spousal or child support, Don Komori Law has the experience to provide you with experience-based legal advice that can improve the outcome of your case.


Child Support

Whether you and your spouse live together, or are in the process of a separation or divorce, British Columbia law states that both parents share in the legal responsibility of financially supporting the child, typically until they reach 19 years of age. Although the parent with legal custody supports the child through housing, clothing and nourishment, the parent without custody is required to provide “child support (or maintenance).”


If you and your spouse are unable to arrive at a legal agreement, or you are facing a change in income, Don Komori Law can help negotiate your child support terms on your behalf.


Spousal Support

Following a separation or divorce, a spouse may be entitled to receive a portion of the other’s income, regardless of the amount of time married. This is also true in common-law relationships, whether between a man or a woman, or couples of the same sex that have been established for at least two years.


Unlike common-law relationships, post-marital arrangements are not required to enlist court services if an amicable, binding agreement can be formed. Although, it is generally encouraged that arrangements are reviewed by an experienced family lawyer, such as Don Komori.


In determining your role with regards to child or spousal support, it’s important to have sound advice before creating or modifying a binding agreement. To arrange a consultation with Don Komori regarding child or spousal support, please contact the law office of Don Komori Law today.

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