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Property Settlements

Property Settlement Services from Don Komori Law in Kamloops

Following a divorce or legal separation, British Columbia’s Ministry of Justice recommends seeking professional legal advice from an experienced family lawyer in situations such as property divisions. Since 1996, Don Komori has helped many in Kamloops and British Columbia to decide the terms of a property division or settlement to ensure it is fair and just.


British Columbia’s Family Relations Act states that each spouse has a right to half of the family’s assets following a separation or divorce unless that arrangement is deemed unfair by the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Settling property disputes can be complicated, especially when you factor in automobiles, pensions, investments, as well as personal items such as collectables and jewellery.


Reaching a Property Settlement

If you are unable to arrive at a legally-binding, amicable agreement with your former spouse, Don Komori can help negotiate a settlement that will ensure your legal property rights are not infringed upon.


To arrange a consultation with Don Komori regarding a settlement or division of property, please contact the law office of Don Komori Law today.

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